If There’s One Event You Attend in 2024, Make it...

Accelerate LIVE!



"Surround Yourself with the Dreamers and the Doers , the Believers and Thinkers"

Home Improvement Business Owners

Who are READY to Take Control of Their Businesses and Make A LOT More Money!

Dear Home Improvement Business Owner,

For three years now, most home improvement business owners have had this mantra playing in their heads on repeat:

Just Keep Up... Just Keep Up... JUST KEEP UP…


Keep the plates spinning. Keep the balls in the air. Keep putting fires out. Desperately call everyone you know to try and find materials. Raise your prices before your sales eat into your profit margins. Hire anyone who will get the job done because there’s not enough labor. Figure out how to compete with the GIANT company that just bought your competitor... etc, etc, etc!

Sound familiar?

But now that the market is contracting back to its normal state, we can take a breath.

There’s time to evaluate.

To take control.

And now, time to dream. 

It may even be time to ask yourself: 

Where Do I Want My Business to Go Now?

In our Wealthy Contractor Mastermind Groups, everything starts with the simple question:

What Do You Really Want?

How much money do you want to make and why?

How do you want your family to live, specifically? How much does the dream home, dream car/truck, dream school cost?

What do you want to do for fun? Do you want to travel? If so, do you want to be in the front of the plane, or back of the plane? Do you want to stay in 3 star hotels or The Four Seasons?

How much uninterrupted time do you want to take away from the business? Do you want to hang out at your lake house for a month without having to spend more than an hour a week dealing with the business?

By the way, "I want a $10 million dollar business" is not an acceptable answer!

A better answer is: "I want to make $1,000,000 of INCOME this year, so that I can move my family to our dream home, contribute $400,000 to our wealth account and hire the great people I need to have my business work without ME!"

See with that answer, we know the business we have to build. We know what it looks like, feels, sounds like and the resources needed to make it happen. I've said it before, I'll say it again - this business has PROVEN models, frameworks and systems that can be taught and implemented.

But, unfortunately most business owners don't think this way. They think in terms of top line revenue and sales and marketing. Don't get me wrong those things are important, but more important is WHY!

Unfortunately, too many owners forget to dream and that keeps them stuck on the "hamster wheel".

They say things like - "I just can't get past 8% profit;", "My salespeople won't follow the system;", "I'm keeping the money in the business;" "Next year;"

In order to dream, the first thing you’re going to have to do (and you’re NOT going to want to hear this) is tidy up your business and your thinking. Many have gotten a little sloppy over the past three years.

It’s time to assess the talent we’re working with. What systems are working?... Which ones aren’t?... Where do you need a system that doesn’t already exist?... How are you getting leads?... What’s the efficiency of your marketing funnel?... How’s your profit model holding up in this economy?

IMPORTANT NOTE: that's all MECHANICS - and trust me, mechanics alone will not create a business that works for you.

What’s worked for you over the PAST 3 years will not work for the NEXT 3 years.

But, we can take the momentum of the last three years and CREATE a business and a life that you LOVE getting up for every single day.

And the best way to figure all of this out is with expert guidance. You need to surround yourself with people who have been there, done that, and are doing it still - to this day - to share with you how to run the most efficient, most profitable business possible.

Once you have a firm foundation, then you’re able to dream seemingly impossible dreams.

Do you want to finally crack the code on profitability so you consistently achieve a 15-20% bottom line? 

Do you want to dominate ANOTHER market? 10 other markets? 

Do you want to know once and for all what it takes to attract A Players to your team?

Do you want to engineer your business to start giving you and your family the life you deserve

ALL of this is completely possible - if you are open to setting your ego aside and learning from others. 

Will you be able to do this by watching a free webinar or a YouTube video? NOT A CHANCE.

To make the shift that is required in your business, you need to step away from your business so you can THINK, PLAN and DREAM.

Ideally surrounded by like-minded contractors who are bucking the expectations that they have to suffer some kind of “payback” for having tasted success these past three years.

You need to put yourself in a position to hear from real-world experts who have been in the trenches. Ones who have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

And what are you looking for in this place... that one idea (or strategy, tactic, tool, resource or relationship) that shortens your learning curve.

Look, the reality of it is, inspiration rarely happens when you're sitting at your desk, surrounded by the weight of your business - the problems, disruptions and challenges that plague us every single day.

Inspiration happens when your mind is free to dream in an environment designed to show you what's possible, and inspires you to act.

And, if I may say so myself, I believe the best environment for this is Accelerate LIVE!®, the annual event for owners of high-performing home improvement companies.



I’m Brian Kaskavalciyan, Host of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast and Co-Founder of The Wealthy Contractor.

Since the early days of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve had the great fortune of meeting and working with some of the very best entrepreneurs and experts in our industry. From these relationships, I’ve gained more knowledge and wisdom about this business than I ever thought I could possibly have.

What’s important to me now is that every home improvement business owner who wants to do better for themselves, their families and their teams - anyone who wants to achieve greater success, greater wealth and greater freedom - has access to the knowledge and the power to make that happen.

At the Wealthy Contractor, we believe in one thing: YOU! (in fact, we're here to believe in you even when you may not completely believe in yourself 😉).

THAT’S why we created Accelerate LIVE!® - to bring home improvement entrepreneurs together to share the quickest way for you to up-level your business, without the headaches and hassles of figuring it all out yourself.

And THAT’S why I’d like YOU to join me and 400 other attendees from growth-minded home improvement businesses at Accelerate LIVE!® 2024 in sunny Orlando, Florida.

You’ll hear from speakers on Marketing, Sales, People, Profit and Mindset. (That’s right - we’re going to focus on the ONE thing that impacts your business more than anything else - YOU.) This is like no event you’ve attended before.

Let me make this very clear: Anyone who steps onstage at Accelerate LIVE® is speaking to you from experience. There are no theories. No opinions. No assumptions. And definitely no Bulls##t. 

Likewise, everyone on stage is very approachable, and their path to success is completely attainable. Any expert who joins us is talking about how you can take your business to the next level - not how great they are because they built a 50-location $200 Million Dollar business.

No, they are onstage with one mandate, and one mandate alone - share with the audience what it really takes to build a business that will make you rich... without having to work 80 hour weeks!

***Something very important that I want you to know for any event you consider attending in the future to avoid this trap that a lot of entrepreneurs fall into when seeking advice:

Don’t look to the #1, "monster" company in our industry and take the advice that their CEO gave at a keynote on stage in front of some hedge fund investors. That CEO has no freaking clue what your business is like. 

You and me trying to act like a business that’s 100 times bigger than we are only ends up in frustration and often times disaster.

You need to look at the company that is 2, 5, 7 steps ahead of you. That’s where you’ll find the secret sauce to take that next step forward in your business.

At Accelerate LIVE!® 2024, you are going to discover the very best tools, insights, tactics and strategies to help make your dreams a reality.

But not only that - our theme this year is:

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

You see, I really believe that getting information alone is not enough.

You also need the courage and the confidence to take that information and go make it work, in your business, unencumbered by doubts, fears and uncertainties.

Now, we can't eliminate all of those things for you in just 2 days - but what we can do is help you to replace doubt with certainty, help replace fear with confidence and help replace uncertainties with new capabilities.

When you attend Accelerate LIVE! 2024 not only will you be in an environment where you are not only allowed to, but encouraged to DREAM.

And you'll do it in a place surrounded by other dreamers, doers, thinkers and believers just like you!

The only thing is - YOU have to take action. 

Accelerate LIVE! is a special place.

It was initially born as an extension of the Wealth Contractor podcast, and my frustration at other events that tell you WHAT to do but not HOW to actually do anything. And, has now morphed into a leading event in our industry.

A WARNING: Delaying your decision to attend carries a significant risk of being locked out. Accelerate LIVE! 2023 sold out faster than any other, and this one is already on track to sell out even sooner.

Another WARNING: We do real WORK in this place. Work that can not only transform your business, but your life and lives of those you love the most.

So, If you’re just looking to go to a seminar that pumps you up and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside - don’t bother. This is not your event. 

But if you want to find out the best practices that are WORKING for home improvement businesses today and make connections with the best in the business and you’re hungry for the roadmap that you’ll then use to take your business to the next level…

This event is for YOU.

Don’t drag your feet, because these tickets will sell out. (They have EVERY year since 2018.)

Take advantage of the savings now, and sign up to join us in Orlando, Florida February 6th - 7th for Accelerate LIVE!® 2024. 

I cannot wait to see you there!

I Remain,

Dedicated to YOUR Success,

Brian Kaskavalciyan 

Jon Tenbrinke, Owner of Black Jack Contracting, Inc.

“Brian and his team have changed my business and my life. His events and programs are by far the best in the industry. He has become a great friend and mentor. He doesn't care about flashy, he cares about building a world class business that gives the owner a lifestyle of their dreams!”

WARNING: Accelerate LIVE!® Sold Out in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023.

2024 Will Sell Out, Too...

Why 2024 Is the Year For Home Improvement Companies to Revolutionize the Way They Do Business

  • With interest rates skyrocketing, it’s getting harder and harder for homeowners to get financing for home improvements. In fact, the Fed says lenders rejected 22% of loan applications in the last 12 months. *That’s the HIGHEST rejection rate in more than five years.

  • CFOs across the country have cited inflation as the #1 threat to their business. It’s likely an enormous threat to yours, especially if you’re not even aware of the damage it’s doing.

  • Consumers have higher expectations than ever before. 88% of buyers say experience matters as much as a company's products or services. By finding out how other companies are “Wow”-ing their customers, you can apply those same principles to stand out in your local market.

  • Technology is rapidly changing the state of the industry. Today, 34% of businesses use A.I. and an additional 42% are exploring how to use it in their business. It’s critical that you join these ranks and figure out how to use this technology in your business. We’ll show you how.

  • Home improvement spending is expected to decline faster in 2024, according to the Harvard Business Review, with a 5.9% year-over-year shrinkage expected by 2Q of 2024.

  • As consumer debt reaches its highest point ever, Americans are being forced to tighten their purse strings and move home improvement down their list of priorities. With the market restricting, competition for leads will intensify.

  • On the other hand, the home is still a priority - even for consumers on a strict budget. Homeowners with low incomes are STILL spending 20% of their income on home improvement. Their home is their greatest investment, and they need help protecting it.

  • The good news is, you’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur. You get to have control over your fate, and your opportunities are vast - no matter what the media says. You can turn this into your banner year, if you take action now.

  • Choosing to be great in the face of adversity isn’t something you want to put on hold. Your employees, your customers and your family deserve for you to be the kind of leader that they are proud to follow

Right now is the PERFECT time to dream bigger, accelerate faster and PUSH yourself and your business BEYOND your LIMITS.


John Kolbaska, Owner of Windows & Doors by The Men with Tools

"When I attended my first Accelerate in 2019, we were doing maybe $800,000 and if there was a net profit, it was less than 5%. I heard all of these smart, wealthy contractors on stage, and I was just in awe. I took everything I learned, I went back and within 30 days, I implemented it. And we’ve doubled our business each year. Three years later, we surpassed $5 million dollars in revenue with a 20% net profit."

When You Come To ACCELERATE LIVE!® 2024 In Sunny Orlando, You'll Get The Opportunity To:

  • Learn from speakers with impressive track records of success in your industry

    >> You will NOT hear from motivational speakers who leave you with no practical takeaways

    >> You will NOT have your time wasted with charlatans who are simply peddling their latest wares on stage, hoping to make a few bucks off of you before they get out of town

  • Gain strategies, tactics and tools that are tailored to home improvement business owners

    >> If you are a business owner who wants to bring a spouse, a partner or a “GSD - Get S##t Done” Person with you - great. Having a close team that gets your vision and can execute on it for you is invaluable.

    >> What you WON’T have to do is sit through sessions that are tailored for a salesperson, an accountant, a customer service rep. We strongly believe that YOU are the most important person to your business. If you get the tools you need to improve the business, everyone benefits.

  • Tap into the knowledge and experience of hundreds of other growth-minded contractors to help accelerate the growth of your business

    >> And it’s not just in the sessions. Your ticket includes breakfast and lunch both days of the conference, plus a networking cocktail hour where you’ll get to pick the minds of success-minded home improvement entrepreneurs.

  • Discover solutions from vetted partners to help you make more money

    >> You won’t be forced to walk through a huge expo hall where any vendor can get in and you don’t know WHO you can trust

    >> Accelerate LIVE!® Sponsors are specifically chosen based on their ability to help you transform your business so that you can achieve greater success, wealth and freedom

Steve Rennekamp, Owner of Energy Swing Windows

"I don't know how he does it, but Brian K's Accelerate Live conferences get better every year. Top notch content and top notch speakers. Networking with the attendees is worth the price of admission alone. Brian, keep up the good work. We need it!"


"The Wisest Man in Home Improvement"

Charlie Gindele

Founder of Renewal By Andersen of Orange County

"The MASTER of Profitability"

Mark Curry

Owner of Revelare Kitchens

"The Connector"

Brian Kaskavalciyan

Host of The Wealthy Contractor™ Podcast, Co-Founder of gFour Marketing

"The Systems Guru"

John Anglis

Founder of CareFree Home Pros

"The Street-Wise Innovator"

Scott Berman

Owner of Florida Windows & Doors

"The Leader of Leaders"

Brian Gottlieb

Founder of Tundraland Home Improvements

"The Lead Queen"

Megan Beattie

Consultant at Tony Hoty Training & Consulting

Due to unforeseen circumstances, speakers may change prior to the event date.

Brian Elias, Owner of Refloor

“You need to come to Accelerate… Because you’re going to listen to people who have been in the same place you are, trying to change their business and change their life. I know, as many times as I’ve been, it changed my life. It made my business better. You need to go, it will change your life.”


Brian Kaskavalciyan

Brian Kaskavalciyan has been in your shoes as a home improvement business owner (5 times, in fact - including one business that grew into a national franchise with over 30 locations across North America).

Brian and his wife Adi co-founded gFour Marketing in 2009 to help contractors grow their leads, sales and profits with their done-for-you Relationship Marketing Program. They now serve hundreds of contractors across the country and impact customer relationships valued at over $1 Billion every year.

Today, Brian runs The Wealthy Contractor, which serves to help contractors achieve greater success, wealth and freedom. He does this through his latest book, The 7 Secrets to Becoming a Wealthy Contractor, as well as hosting The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, moderating two Mastermind groups, speaking at industry events and producing a number of events and resources for contractors.

Accelerate LIVE!® is 100% GUARANTEED To Be Profitable For You - On DAY ONE!

If, by 4:30pm on day ONE - you determine Accelerate was not profitable enough for you, or it wasn’t what you had in mind, then you just simply go to anyone on our Accelerate team to receive a full refund of your entry fee, plus $1,000 CASH to cover your time and travel costs! 

We can confidently make this offer to you because we’ve offered it every year - and not one business owner has ever taken us up on it! 

Jason Phillips, Owner of Phillips Home Improvements

“It is worth every penny, every moment of time. Get away - work ON your business instead of in your business, and it will absolutely change your life.”


Here's What Accelerate LIVE!® Attendees Have to Say...

“I will make more money for my company by investing in these two days than you could ever make working on or in your business for two days from your desk.”

Robert Watts, Owner of RJW Exteriors

“This is one of the best conferences we’ve ever been to. At some seminars, you have some time to go up and get a little work done, but not here. You didn’t want to miss anything. The lineup from top to bottom was absolutely action-packed.”

Jason Herbert, Owner of Herbert Roofing & Insulation

“The biggest thing I get out of Accelerate is the friendships and the information that everybody is willing to share - all of their “secrets”. The companies that are doing things that I want to be doing - I’m able to listen to them, I’m able to talk to them, to find out what’s working in their business, what’s NOT working in their business, and I like to take that information back to my company, implement those great ideas and hopefully make it better for my employees and my customers.”

John Rogers, Owner of Rogers Roofing

“Of all the events I go to, this is the only one you should spend your money on.”

Dany Peterson, Owner of Integrity Home Pro

“If you want to light your business on fire, this is the conference to do it with. We’ve been to a lot of different conferences around the country through different organizations, and this is by far the one with the most takeaways we’ve ever had.”

Michelle Coors, Owner of Coors Remodeling

"You're with the best in the industry - the best of the best. You get to network and grow. And there's phenomenal content. You're going to be able to take a few nuggets home to your business that you're going to be able to immediately use and become more profitable."

Tim Brown, Jr., Owner of RGS Exteriors

“This is my third event here at Accelerate. We come back every year because there’s just so many great speakers. Brian and Adi have been able to bring in the best of the industry. And every time we walk away, there is somebody that I've met, there's a vendor that we've decided to work with, and I come away with nuggets every year that things that we've implemented that have helped us improve our business.”

Jaime Austin, President of Storm Guard of Southern Wisconsin

"If you are a contractor and want to maximize your profits and life, you need to dig into the resources available through the Wealthy Contractor and attend Accelerate LIVE! Ever since I met Brian a few years ago I have been applying his profit multipliers that have made me more money every year. And I work less each year!"

Patrick Readyhough, Owner of Pond Roofing

“This was our second year for Accelerate Live, and I cannot say enough great things! People say as long as you can pull one idea from a conference it was worth it. You can 10x that with this conference no matter how many times you have attended!"

Ross Alt, Owner of Alt’s Exteriors

“One of the things I love most about Accelerate Live when I come - this is my second time I've been here - is that every time I come, I learn something new that builds on itself from the last time I was here. So what that helps me do is it helps me to go back into my business and it helps me to build and grow more and more. And one of the things I love about Brian K is that he always teaches us the things that benefit our business.”

Brian Yokley, Storm Guard of Plymouth

"Ever since I started listening to and using The Wealthy Contractor advice and suggestions and attending Accelerate, it has transformed my business. "

Erik Mattsson, Owner of Mattsson Roofing

“If you're ready to level-up in your contracting business, then you should be at this event! There is a ton of knowledge and experience in the room and Brian can show you how to get the most from your business, making more money and working less! Every time I attend this event I have valuable things to implement in my business!”

Blaine Adams, Owner of AIC Roofing & Construction

“You can’t put a price on having the opportunity to be in the room with some of the heavy hitters and legends of the industry.”

Neil Melton, Owner of Express Remodeling


4:00PM - 7:00PM


Get in early, register, relax and unwind. Have a fun night out in Orlando, FL!

7:15AM - 8:15AM

Breakfast & Late Check-in

8:30AM - 5:30PM

General Session

6:00PM - 7:30PM


We will begin check-in and breakfast at 7:15am. Then, Accelerate LIVE! kicks off promptly at 8:25am.

We have a fun networking event planned for Tuesday evening! You are welcome to bring your spouse or significant other at no additional fee. Appetizers and drinks will be served.

7:15AM - 8:15AM


8:30AM - 5:30PM

General Session

Breakfast will be served at 7:15am and we will begin the general session promptly at 8:30am.

Please plan on staying until the very end. Arrange for flights taking off after 7:30pm.

*Schedule is subject to change.


You’ll get some well deserved rest, relaxation and a little bit of magic in sunny Orlando, Florida. Accelerate LIVE!® attendees get access to our room block at The B Resort & Spa in Lake Buena Vista - a Disney hotel just outside of Orlando. It’s a convenient flight from ANYWHERE and the perfect sunny escape if you’ll be getting tired of cold, dreary winter days by February!

***The Room Block sells out every year. Make sure to get your event ticket ASAP so you can snag your room before they’re all booked up.

Property Address

The B Resort & Spa
1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, USA

Disney fan? Bringing the family? This hotel has a complimentary shuttle straight to the parks!


You do not want to put this off! While we are moving to a larger venue, the majority of tickets are already gone. Once these remaining seats are gone, they’re gone.




Ticket Price Includes:

  • Access to All Speaker Sessions February 6th & 7th

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks Both Days

  • Workshop Workbook, Swag Bag & Materials

  • Tuesday Night Networking Party

  • Discounted Hotel Room Rate

  • 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee




Ticket Price Includes:

  • Access to All Speaker Sessions February 6th & 7th

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks Both Days

  • Workshop Workbook, Swag Bag & Materials

  • Tuesday Night Networking Party

  • Discounted Hotel Room Rate

  • 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee



Ticket Price Includes:

  • Access to All Speaker Sessions February 6th & 7th

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks Both Days

  • Workshop Workbook, Swag Bag & Materials

  • Tuesday Night Networking Party

  • Discounted Hotel Room Rate

  • 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Act now to get your ticket at the lowest possible price. You have nothing to lose - your profit is GUARANTEED.






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